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Maturity and confidence in the Indian tech entrepreneur will result in businesses that have a disproportionate impact in India and globally. We support non-traditional ideas and technologies that have the potential to transform businesses, people’s lives, and the environment.

CVP prefers to invest in early-stage Indian companies that have established product-market-fit (PMF).

Our current focus sectors include Climate-tech, health-tech and B2B SaaS.


CVP prefers to invest in early-stage companies that:

Have established product-market-fit (PMF).

Are looking to raise capital at Series A.

Offer the potential for CVP to supplement founder efforts with its Growth Acceleration Playbook (GAP).

Kapture Cx

Kapture CRM is an Enterprise-grade SaaS-based Customer Support Automation platform that provides businesses across industries with an all-in-one customer service software.

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Led by co-founder and CEO, Mrinal Sinha, Vitraya is a SaaS platform, aimed at transforming India’s healthcare economy by automating the claim settlement process between healthcare providers and insurers.

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Led by co-founder and creative director, Priyanka Modi, AMPM is a global clothing, accessory and lifestyle brand, with an artful, understated modern Indian aesthetic.

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AURIC has changed the perception of Ayurvedic products from their traditional, unrefined, formulations to better-tasting products

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A dedicated team with diverse experience including operations, consulting, and early & late-stage venture.

Business Building Advisory Board
Shailesh Kekre

Shailesh Kekre

B2B SaaS

Kunal Bajaj

Kunal Bajaj

Technology – Enablement Strategy

Rahul Rana

Rahul Rana

Talent Management

Sameer Kamboj

Sameer Kamboj

Leadership / Life Coach

Krishnan Gopalakrishnan

Krishnan Gopalakrishnan

Financial Operations

Anshul Gupta

Anshul Gupta

D2C Scaling

Muteb Alqani

Muteb Alqani

MENA Expansion

Rakesh Bhargava

Rakesh Bhargava

US & Middle East Expansion

Sanjeev Varma

Sanjeev Varma

US Expansion

Terrie Lloyd

Terrie Lloyd

Japan Expansion


Trust is our lifeblood. We believe that “humans are good-natured at the core.” Trust has a cycle: When you trust people, they in turn trust others and the positive cycle frees our mind to be more creative at work. Express your trust in others first to start the positive cycle.

Before forming an opinion about anyone, seek to understand them. When unsure, give the benefit of doubt and ask questions.

Choose to do what's right even when it is not "easy" or "simple." When in a dilemma, ask yourself, "What is the right thing to do?" The answer will come from within you. Have the courage of your convictions, and make decisions for Cactus Venture Partners as if you are making them for yourself.

Don't compromise long-term goals for short-term gains. When you do the right thing, you inspire trust.

Every story has more than one side. Seek out other people's perspectives and offer yours in return. The more varied the perspectives, the greater is the chance of making the right decisions. Speak up. Offer your ideas freely, express your doubts openly, and share your feedback constructively.

Listen to others in the way you want to be listened to, with respect and without prejudice.

Happiness is a journey, not a destination. There will always be a trough after a peak. Stay passionate about what you do, and you will sail through tough times more easily. And while you are at it, take good care of your health and well-being.

Celebrate each milestone. Take time out to appreciate people you like working with, those who add value to what you do. Most importantly, enjoy every moment and spread the joy.

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Has built a company with initial proof of success (revenue, network or product market fit)


Is motivated by both purpose and
financial success

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